Scottish #indyref visualisation: See how Twitter reacted

Emma Haslett
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Twitter says 487,861 tweets mentioned the #indyref hashtag

Well, the votes are in and an army of people will now spend the night counting. Twitter, though, may have an early indication of which way the vote went.

The company released a map using #indyref to show how the conversation spread across the world during polling day. It also pointed out that, despite early predictions of a triumph by the No campaign, the nationalists' Twitter account increased its follower count by 10 per cent over the last 24 hours, while @UK_together grew its following by just 2.7 per cent.

Similarly, @AlexSalmond's followers grew 3.3 per cent, while @TogetherDarling added a mere 1.4 per cent.

Here's that visualisation. You can zoom, fast forward, rewind or pause by clicking/touching the map.

Other fun #indyref facts:

  • The most-retweeted tweet on the referendum was by @Andy_Murray, whose much-maligned "lets [sic] do this" comment was retweeted 18,000 times, and favourited 13,000 times.
  • There were 487,861 total tweets mentioning #indyref

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