When will Edinburgh declare referendum results of Scottish independence vote?

Lynsey Barber
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Edinburgh is expected to declare at 5am (Source: Getty)

Edinburgh is due to announce the result of the Scottish independence referendum vote in the early hours of Friday morning.

The count is expected to come in at 5am and the city is one of the last areas in Scotland to declare the results of the vote.

The area makes up eight per cent of the Scottish electorate, the country's second largest area behind Glasgow out of 32 local authorities in Scotland.

The size of Edinburgh’s electorate means many will be keeping an eye on the outcome here, either as a barometer of the overall vote or an indicator of which way the vote may go at that stage depending on how other areas have declared earlier.

The city also has the honour of playing host to the final declaration of the overall national referendum result due at around 6am.

See when all the local areas in Scotland are ready are expected to declare their results.

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