Boris Johnson on Scottish independence: "I want Scotland to wake up to a full English"

Gabriella Griffith
Boris was speaking at Magic FM's London's Biggest Breakfast campaign
We’ve arrived at one of the most important days in Great Britain’s history and what better way to start such a day than with a big breakfast – well, that’s what Mayor Boris Johnson did this morning, hosting the London’s Biggest Breakfast charity campaign at City Hall with Magic FM and The Mayor's Fund.
But surrounded as he was by dozens of primary school children eating scrambled eggs, the Mayor couldn’t escape the big question of the day. Which way will it go in the Scottish referendum?
“I think it’ll be a no vote and a yes to Britain,” he said. “The question for the people in Scotland is, ‘what will you wake up eating for breakfast tomorrow? Will it be a full English or will there be porridge on the menu?' I think there will be both together.”
As confident as the blonde mopped Mayor is that we’ll see a win for the Unionists, he did have some hopeful words, whatever the outcome.
“It’s a huge day for the country, I think it’ll be very tough – both sides have fought very hard and when the votes are in and everything is done and dusted, I think it’s important we have a period of reconciliation,” he told City.A.M.
“I hope very much that by tomorrow morning, there will be a big boost for the United Kingdom.”

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