Will Scotland vote Yes or No to independence in today’s referendum? Here’s the result on Twitter as far afield as Alaska and New Zealand

Lynsey Barber
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Scottish independence tweets show worldwide chatter (Source: Twitter)

A stunning map of Scottish independence campaigning shows how Twitter users feel about the referendum and which side of the fence they are on.

The Yes and No sentiment has been tracked over the last month of intense campaigning with Twitter users as far afield as Alaska and New Zealand chatting about the historic referendum.

The largest cluster of tweets can be seen in Scotland and the UK with particular hotspots in the major cities of Edingburgh, Glasgow and London.

However the campaigns have reached as far afield as New Zealand, Alaska, Chile and even the south pacific island of Guam.

The map also shows how chatter around the referendum in the US is high and is largely concentrated on the east coast.

Explore the map below to see where the Yes (green) and No (red) campaign has been talked about.

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