When will the Scottish independence referendum vote be announced? Declaration times for local government areas

Cities of Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh account for almost quarter of the vote (Source: Getty)

Scots started going to the polls to vote on secession from 7am this morning - but they will have to wait 24 hours to hear the final result of the vote.

How will it work? We all know how vote-counting goes at a general election - but an independence vote like this is unprecedented in the UK. With the turn-out rate expected to be above 90 per cent, just counting the vote is set to be a mammoth task.

Voting is broken down into 32 local government areas, which will declare individually from 2am, with the last one - Aberdeen - voicing its decision at 6am. The result of the election should be clear by 7am.

If you're planning on stay up, here's a breakdown of who announces when. Click on the map to see what proportion of total voters are in each region. Darker areas on the map have higher proportions of registered voters. Below the map is a table for easy scanning.

To scroll past the map on mobile, swipe down on the right-hand side of the screen.

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