Seven charged on race fixing allegations face 10-year bans

THE BRITISH Horseracing Authority last night charged seven people, including Scottish Grand National winner Richie McGrath, with breaching betting regulations.

The allegations relate to the use of inside information in order to predict the performance of horses that ran between October 2009 and April 2012.

Ex-trainer Kate Walton, as well as Mark Aspey, Carl Flint, David Stevens, Kristian Robson and David Greenwood have been named as the others charged and are set to discover their fate at a BHA hearing on 11 November.

McGrath “vigorously” denies the charges, according to his solicitor Andrew Chalk, who confirmed he has also “temporarily” stepped down from his position on the Professional Jockeys Association board and is “bitterly disappointed to be facing charges”.

A guilty verdict could incur a maximum punishment of a 10-year ban from all racing.