Scottish independence referendum: Barack Obama urges Scots to vote No

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NObama: Barack backs Brown (Source: Getty)
US President Barack Obama has urged Scots to vote No and preserve the Union in the Scottish Independence Referendum.
With just hours to go until polling stations open, Obama took to Twitter to express his hope that Scotland remains with the UK.
Obama described the UK as “a force for good in an unstable world” and an “extraordinary partner for America”.
Obama said: "I hope it [the UK] remains strong, robust and united".
Obama used the same phrase at a press conference in Brussels last week.
Fellow Democrats Bill and Hillary Clinton have also expressed their support for a No vote.
Former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton said a Yes vote would be a “loss for both sides”.
She told Newsnight: “I would hate for you to lose Scotland. I hope that it doesn’t happen, but I don’t have a vote in Scotland. But I would hope it doesn’t happen.”
Meanwhile former US President Bill Clinton said:
With so much turmoil and division across the globe, I hope the Scots will inspire the world with a high turnout and a powerful message of both identity and inclusion.
I understand and sympathise with those who want independence. Scotland is blessed with impressive human and natural resources and a strong desire for more widely shared prosperity and social solidarity.
Because the independence vote is a decision for the Scots alone to make, and because Scots are already legendary for their independence of mind, I have been reluctant to express my views on the matter.
I hope my decision to do so will be received in the spirit of friendship with which it is offered.

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