Scottish independence: Aye, it’ll be nae! Betfair pays out early on No vote

Kate McCann
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Betfair is paying out early on the Scottish referendum outcome (Source: Getty Images)
Bookmaker Betfair has put its money where its mouth is by paying out early on the Scottish referendum outcome in favour of a No vote.

The company has paid out over £100,000 to punters using Betfair Exchange, a small part of its bigger betting business, which allows people to wager against each other. The move suggests the bookie is confident of a win for the No camp.

Although opinion polls remain tight, bets have been flooding in. According to Betfair the bulk of the money bet in its Exchange is on No, at 79 per cent.

However, other bookmakers are more cautious. William Hill suggested yesterday that 70 per cent of money staked in Scotland in the last 24 hours was on a Yes win, adding the outcome of the vote remains too close to call.

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