Ladbrokes’ Scottish independence referendum odds board given the heave-ho from Holyrood

Gabriella Griffith
Alex Donohue poses with the offending board
The scrum surrounding the Scottish referendum is reaching fever pitch and few are more excited than the bookies, gleefully stirring up Britain’s need to put money down on the big result.

But it seems their activity is not always welcome at the epicentre of the debate, the Scottish parliament at Holyrood. Ladbrokes’ man on the ground Alex Donohue was booted off site yesterday for parading the bookies’ now famous odds board in front of the gathered media.

“A security guard from Holyrood came over and told me I had to leave their premises because nobody was allowed to stand outside to do any kind of campaigning,” he told The Capitalist.

Donohue certainly wasn’t joining the YES or NO camps, circling around the perimeters. Perhaps the powers that be sitting up in Holyrood’s wooden towers weren’t keen on him spreading Ladbrokes ¼ odds on a unionist win this Thursday.

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