Scottish independence interactive: All the polls in one chart

Billy Ehrenberg
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The difference between the two camps has become so close recently that results are expected to come right down to the wire

There's been a lot of talk about the results of two recent Scottish independence polls showing the Yes campaign in the lead - but does that show a sea change in attitudes? We decided to have a look at what all the polls have said so far

Since the beginning of the year, there have been 61 polls - most of which have shown the No camp winning.

That said, he difference between the two sides has become so close recently, results are expected to come right down to the wire.

Some investors have become spooked, and several financial institutions have indicated they will move south of the wall if Scotland votes for independence.

The graphic below (only visible on desktop/laptop) shows every poll that's been conducted this year. By clicking on any scatter blot you can see how people voted in that poll. The bigger and darker the blot, the larger the sample size.

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