Minecraft seller says it was not for the money

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Persson is quitting Minecraft
GAMING billionaire Markus Persson yesterday denied he had sold the firm behind Minecraft for the money.

Instead, he said he was being pestered online by fans angry at changes to the end-user licence agreement (EULA), and disliked being so detached from the game’s users.

The Swedish programmer agreed to sell his firm Mojang to Microsoft for $2.5bn (£1.5bn).

“I was at home with a bad cold a couple of weeks ago when the internet exploded with hate against me over some kind of EULA situation that I had nothing to do with,” he wrote yesterday.

“I was confused. I didn’t understand. I’m not an entrepreneur. I’m not a CEO. I’m a nerdy computer prog­ram­mer who likes to have opinions on Twitter.”

He is leaving the firm once the deal is finalised, and vowed to work on only small projects in future.

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