Apple creates U2 album removal page following backlash

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U2 with Apple CEO Tim Cook at the iPhone 6 launch (Source: Getty)

Apple have set up a new web page detailing how you can remove U2's Songs Of Innocence from your iTunes account.

The new U2 album automatically appeared on 500m iTunes users' accounts around the world for free last week, but arrived with little warning.

Apple described the album as a "treat" to their users but unsurprisingly, not all of those half a billion people were particularly pleased with having it thrust upon them, and many vented their displeasure at Apple.

The tech giant has now set up a new page featuring a one-click removal tool for those who want rid of the Irish band's 13th studio album. The site requests you to confirm your wish to delete the album, before asking for your Apple ID and password and...hey presto, it's gone.

(Source: Apple)

Should you suddenly change your mind, the album will remain free to everyone until 13 October 2014, before being made available for purchase.

The release of Songs of Innocence on iTunes accounts was announced by Apple CEO Tim Cook and the band at the press conference for the new iPhone 6 and Apple Watch in California last week.

On stage U2 frontman Bono said to Cook: "You have over half a billion subscribers to iTunes so could you get this [Songs of Innocence] to them?"

"Sure, we could do that", Cook replied, "if we gave it away for free".

"First you would have to pay for it, because we're not going in for the free music around here". says Bono, before the album launch was officially announced.

According to the New York Times, Apple really did fork out for it, with the paper reporting the company struck a $100m deal with the band and their record label Universal.

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