Undercover Rupert Murdoch hits Scottish streets ahead of independence referendum

City A.M. Reporter
Rupert Murdoch attempted an incognito visit to Scotland (Source: Getty Images)
If you were north of the border over the weekend breathing in Scotland’s febrile political atmosphere you may have been standing side-by-side with none other than Rupert Murdoch.
But you may not have known it.
According to a tweet by the media tycoon, he went undercover for a true Scots experience.
We’re not quite sure how Murdoch travelled incognito around Glas­gow, Aberdeen and the small coastal settlement of Rose­hearty, but we’re picturing an elaborate stereotypical ensemble involving kilts, blue face paint and copious consumption of Irn-Bru and Tunnock’s teacakes.
Alas, it appears Mur­doch’s undercover op came to an abrupt halt after he was spotted.
Murdoch has been a vociferous supporter of Alex Salmond, but yesterday he tweeted: “SNP not talking about independence, but more welfarism.” Maybe his trip north has cooled his ardour for the Yes vote.

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