How will Scotland vote? Independence polls say it's too close to call with four days to go

Lynsey Barber
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Yes and No vote is almost equal (Source: Getty)

A week after the Yes campaign broke through to take the lead for the first time in Scottish independence polls, both sides of the campaign have spent the week rallying votes and courting public opinion.

On the last Sunday before Scots cast their vote, where do the latest polls stand?

Of three polls for today’s Sunday papers, two place the No vote ahead- a Panelbase/Sunday Times survey gives the No vote a minor two point lead over Yes, a second Opinium/Observer survey puts no ahead with a larger six point lead.

An ICM/Sunday Telegraph poll however, places the Yes campaign ahead with an eight point lead.

It follows yesterday’s Survation poll for the Better Together campaign which placed No ahead by the same amount.

Here’s how this week’s latest seven polls stack up with undecideds removed.

And here are the details of poll numbers and dates for each survey where they have been made available.

With four days of campaigning left before the ballots open on 18 September, the result is far from decided.

Each poll has its own strengths and weaknesses, for example, it's the first Scottish Independence poll from Opinium so there is no comparable trend data and the ICM poll surveyed a smaller group of only 705 Scots.

Overall, the BBC pegs a "poll of polls" comprising these results at 51 per cent for No, and 49 per cent for Yes. With a three per cent margin of error to most surveys, it could still go either way on Thursday.

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