Northern Lights UK 2014: Can you see the aurora borealis tonight?

Lynsey Barber
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The Nothern Lights might appear in UK skies (Source: Getty)

The Northern Lights could be visible across the night time skies over the UK this week after an intense solar flare from the sun occurred yesterday.

The flare, spotted by Nasa, caused a large amount of magnetically charged particles to be released into the atmosphere- the very thing that causes the Northern Lights to occur.

The phenomenon will likely bypass London and the south as it is more commonly seen closer to the poles where magnetic particles make it through the earth’s atmosphere more easily.

The aurora borealis as its also known, will more likely be seen in northern parts of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, however it has been seen as far south as Jersey before in the right conditions.

The Northern Lights made an appearance over the British Isles in February creating stunning displays across the sky.

Its latest appearance would follow on from another stunning performance by the night time skies after the supermoon appeared overhead earlier this week.

Here’s what the sun's massive- and mesmerising- solar flare looks like, captured by Nasa’s Solar Dynamics Observatory.

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