#AskBoris: Mayor Boris Johnson talks Scotland, Isis, property and transport in less than 140 characters

Catherine Neilan
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Boris Johnson: After a delicious polystyrene cup of soup, the Mayor took to Twitter
After yesterday's painful Mumsnet web chat between Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling, Boris Johnson showed the rest of the country's politicians how to acquit yourself on social media during his #AskBoris session this lunchtime.
Answering questions ranging from his menu of choice at Nandos (response: “chicken”) and even a cheeky one about “operation Chiselled Whippet” (no prizes for guessing what that refers to), the Mayor of London also managed to get a little bit serious and offer his views on Scotland, property, commuter travel woes, terrorism and – of course – Boris Island.
Scottish independence was a topic of much interest among Twitterers, with Johnson asked various questions, to which his response was unequivocal:
Regarding the increased terror threat, he said:
While on the topic of Isis, Johnson said this:
On foreign investors buying up property, he had this to say:
He broke out some Latin when it came to Boris Island:

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