Scottish Independence: Latest poll gives No vote six point lead as Cameron urges Scotland not to break his heart

Lynsey Barber
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The No vote leads in the latest Survation poll (Source: Getty)

The latest polling might make political leaders breath a sigh of relief in the lead up to next week’s Scottish independence referendum.

After rushing to Scotland to rally support for a No vote after the shock swing towards Yes over the weekend, Survation’s latest poll for Scottish newspaper the Daily Record puts the No vote in the lead on 53 per cent and Yes six points behind on 47 per cent stripping out undecided voters.

Westminster has gone into political overdrive since Sunday’s shock YouGov poll gave Yes the lead for the first time.

The main party leaders abandoned today’s PMQs to head north of the border in an attempt to sway voters back towards No and stick with the rest of the UK.

Earlier today David Cameron said he would be heartbroken if Scotland decided to leave the union.

"It would be a heartbreaking job to have to do, to break up this family of nations that has been such a success, “ Cameron told an audience in Edinburgh in an impassioned speech.

Including 10 per cent of undecided voters, the survey of a thousand Scots found 47.6 per cent planned to vote No and 42.4 per cent Yes on 18 September.

The three per cent margin of error however means the vote could still go either way.

Once again, it is the female vote that has swayed the poll with 48.5 per cent voting No compared to 38.6 per cent yes, while men were almost evenly split.

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