Scottish independence: David Cameron will miss PMQs to support the No campaign

Guy Bentley
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The three main party leaders will skip this week's PMQs (Source: Getty)
The main party leaders have announced they will skip the weekly joust of Prime Minister's Questions. Instead, David Cameron and Ed Miliband will head to Scotland to try to save the floundering Better Together campaign. They will also be joined by deputy prime minister Nick Clegg.
In a joint statement from all three, they said: "There is a lot that divides us - but there's one thing on which we agree passionately - the United Kingdom is better together".
William Hague will stand in for David Cameron while Harriet Harman will sub for Ed Miliband. The Prime Minister and leader of the opposition agreed to skip PMQs on Monday following David Cameron's statement on the Cardiff Nato summit.
Scotland is playing host to a wave of Westminster politicians who have been spooked by the recent polling numbers showing support for Yes Scotland is on the rise. A late night poll by TNS put the Yes and No campaigns neck and neck at 41 per cent each.
A poll for the Sunday Times showed the yes camp in the lead for the first time. In the latest attempt to prevent Scotland from seceding, ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown unveiled a detailed timetable for further devolution to Scotland. Ed Miliband vowed to implement the plan if he is elected in 2015.

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