Amazon slashes the price of its Fire smartphone to 99 cents - weeks before its UK launch

Emma Haslett
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Amazon has slashed the cost of its Fire smartphone to 99 cents in the US (Source: Getty)

Amazon has slashed the price of its less-than-popular smartphone to 99 cents just a month and a bit after it launched in the US, and weeks before its UK launch.

Alas, the deal (99 cents with a two-year contract from AT&T) is only available in the US, but still - it suggests quite how disappointing the reaction to Amazon's big "iPhone killer" has been.

You can kind of see why - the phone's coolest features are both basically ways for the e-commerce site to sell stuff. "Dynamic Perspective" simulates 3D, meaning you get a better view of products on shopping sites (Amazon, for instance), while Firefly recognises objects and takes you to, er, Amazon to buy them. Customers have clearly seen through both...

The phone is due to be launched in the UK on 30 September, on O2 at first. Tariffs will include £32 a month for 2GB, although there's apparently a special 20GB 4G tariff in the line-up, too.

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