Rogue trader Jerome Kerviel freed after just five months in prison

Former Societe Generale banker Jerome Kerviel was freed from jail yesterday, after serving just five months of a three-year sentence. The man whose risky bets lost Societe Generale £4.9bn in 2008 told reporters he couldn’t wait to phone his mum. “I am super happy to leave today ... I want to rebuild my life. I want to have a normal life with my loved ones, start a family and finally be able to enjoy life,” he said. Kerviel, 37, was released from France’s Fleury-Merogis Prison, and must wear an electronic tagging bracelet and stay home on workday evenings for the remainder of his term. His lawyer David Koubbi said Kerviel has a new job in IT and would keep fighting Societe Generale, who he said had made him a scapegoat.

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