Apple iPhone 6 preview: The A to Z of what to expect ahead of the big launch event

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Apple prepares for launch (Source: Getty)

We’re finally here. It’s less than 24 hours before the not-so-secret but kind-of-secret launch of what everyone expects to be the iPhone 6 and Apple’s first wearable device.

It’s going to be a big surprise if it turns out Tim Cook has something else up his sleeve considering the healthy doses of rumour and speculation about the devices over the last few months- although its not beyond the realms of possibility.

Here’s the A to Z of what we think we know so far and what to expect tomorrow.


The tech giant invited the press to tomorrow’s mysterious event teasing everyone with a note saying “Wish we could say more.” Watch it live from 6pm BST when it kicks off at of course you have to do it using Apple’s own Safari browser or Apple TV.


Bigger is better, and Apple is keeping up with users desire for larger screens. A 4.7 inch model and 5.5 inch device, bigger than the current four inch 5s and the largest iPhones Apple have ever produced, are expected.

This means a larger device by surface area but the iPhone 6 will be thinner. Apple is also offering fans higher resolution screens so that everything looks better as well as bigger.


The almost mythical, but actually real, home of Apple will play host to the big event- the Flint Center for the Performing Arts to be exact. There is much being made of Apple’s decision to return to an almost spiritual home rather than previous locations where iPhones have been unveiled.

What it means is anyone's guess, but it's the very place Steve jobs announced the first ever Macintosh computer in the 80s and where he made a triumphant return to the company in 1998.

There’s also a giant white box outside of it at the moment.


Disney is said to be upgrading its in-store NFC and iBeacon technology, both used for making mobile payments. It’s a big hint that Apple is working on some kind of mobile payment technology- see M for more- due to the timing of the upgrade since its a partner of Apple’s.


iOS 8, that is. That’s the new operating system expected to be running on these devices and an upgrade to iOS 7 currently running on the 5s and 5c models. iOS 8 was revealed early this year at Apple’s developer conference and which developers have been able to play around with since then to make sure apps on the new devices running the new operating system, you know, work.

Major features of the new OS include Healthkit and Homekit- see H below- and the ability to pick up calls and texts on your Mac. It will also allow users to have third party keyboard apps, such as Swiftkey, already hugely popular on Android, for those who want a more intuitive typing experience.


It’s all about fashion dahling. Already known for it’s to-die-for design aesthetic, Apple is throwing the equivalent of the fashion industry kitchen sink at its move into wearable devices.

Additions to the Apple fold include former Burberry chief Angela Ahrendts, Yves San Laurent boss Paul Deneve, Tag Heuer exec Patrick Pruniaux, and just in the last few days industrial designer Marc Newson was revealed as its latest hire. That’s some serious front-row cache.

Apple has also expanded its guest list for the front row of its latest event by inviting fashion journalists and bloggers.


There have been some serious gains for Apple investors. The period since July 1 has been the most lucrative for shareholders in the last five years with an average price gain of 22.5 per cent, Reuters reports, despite last weeks tumble.

Healthkit and Homekit

These two kits are available to developers to create apps which record and monitor personal data or information from smart devices in your home. Considering these have been available since the Apple's developer conference earlier this year, its likely some of these will be showcased at the event to show off what the iPhone and iWatch can do.

iWatch or iTime

The media has largely been referring to Apple’s debut smartwatch as the iWatch, however Apple has also patented the word iTime. It could be called either- or something else entirely.

Jony Ive

Talking of smartwatches. Apple’s guru-like Brit designer Jony Ive was quoted as saying “Switzerland is in trouble” referring to the home of watchmaking and some of the world’s biggest watch brands.


Tim Cook, Apple's chief, will be delivering tomorrow's keynote speech. This will be his fifth since taking over from Steve Jobs, but other senior execs will also take the stage to talk in depth about particular aspects of the new products.


The leaks of iPhone parts, pictures, spec and screen size have been pretty much non-stop, but it’s not Apple being lax on security here. It’s said to use the leaking of product information to gauge reactions from potential customers and analysts which it can then use to refine devices before putting them on the market.

Mobile payments

Mobile Payments are one of the big features expected from the iPhone 6. The technology which makes this possible has been swirling around for a while, but with the might of Apple behind it, many are hoping it could really make paying for things with a swipe of our phones an everyday occurrence rather than a concept from the Jetsons.

Apple is also said to have some of the biggest payment companies around on board- Visa, Amex and Mastercard- to help with the transactional side of things in some way.


That’s Near Field Communication. It’s a technology that allows communication between devices and is already in many smartphones, but not iPhones- until now.

The iPhone 6 is said to have an NFC chip which will facilitate that oyster card-style swiping to make mobile payments.

Official release date

The devices might be unveiled tomorrow, but they won't be available to buy straight away. The latest talk is that customers will actually be able to buy the 4.7 inch model on 19 September. The 5.5 inch model will be available on the same day but only in limited quantities due to some reported production issues.

Protruding camera

The camera on the iPhone 6 is getting an upgrade- according to leaked photos and a patent filing- and rather than sitting flush against the body of the phone it will stick out slightly, potentially for adding lenses.

The front camera is expected to be 10 megapixels, an improvement on the current eight.


There are already some outside the Apple store in New York and they started forming last week.


How about doing less of that with a longer battery life? The 4.7 inch phone could have an additional nine hours talk time compared to the 5s according to the latest leak just today.


Not quite the sparkler on your finger kind of Sapphire , but the same material none the less. A screen made of the material is touted for the iWatch. It’s scratch resistant, harder and more resistant to heat but don’t get hopes up that this will be used for the iPhone, it’s understandably expensive.

Touch ID

There was talk that the iPhone’s round button was out, however in pictures and video it remains and is likely to have better Touch ID, the technology for recognising fingerprints.


The band which is less prominent since it was last involved with Apple at the launch of the iPod, was rumoured to somehow be involved in the latest launch after they were seen shooting a music video that involved a phone. This one can perhaps be busted as complete rumour however, as the band has since spoken out to deny any involvement.


Picture leaks of the iPhone have since morphed into videos. This claims to show the fully-formed device.


Whatever the wearable smartwatch device is called, the price point is said to be around the $400 mark.


It’s pretty high. Maybe you noticed.

Your information

Apple has said it will step up security features to keep your information safe after last week's iCloud hack. Cook admitted Apple could have done more to alert users of the dangers posed by hackers and the importance of passwords. His keynote speech could be the perfect time to show Apple is hot on security.


The Apple launch doesn't necessarily keep everyone on the edge of their seat, but interest has hit its peak, according to this Google trends chart.

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