The iPhone 6's battery life could be twice as long as its predecessor's

Emma Haslett
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The iPhone 6 will come with a 2,915 milliampere-hour battery (Source: Getty)

As the date of the Great Apple Event moves closer, the rumour-mill has gone into overdrive.

There's an interesting one on a French gadget site, suggesting the iPhone 6's battery will be almost twice as powerful at the iPhone 5s. Are all our smartphone fantasies about to be fulfilled?

According to the video, the 5.5-inch version of the iPhone 6 will have a 2,915 milliampere-hour battery, giving it a talk time of about 19 hours. Compare that with the iPhone 5s' 1,560 mAh battery, which gives it a talk time of 10 hours, and you can see how powerful it is.

Of course, it's worth taking into account that the iPhone 6 is likely to be larger than its predecessors: the consensus seems to be that it will come in two versions, a 4.7-inch model and a 5.5-in model. The smaller version will have a 2,100 mAh battery, which is still a vast improvement on its predecessor.

Here's the (rather blurry at times) video, from Sorry in advance about the soundtrack...

The new iPhone is, as everyone knows by now, due to be launched at an event tomorrow. Alongside it, the long-awaited iWatch may or may not be announced. Stay tuned to City A.M. for updates on rumours, leaks, launch dates and general iPhone miscellany...

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