Insurance claims explain why an indestructible screen is top of users' wishlist for the Apple iPhone 6

Emma Haslett
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The iPhone 5 is the most vulnerable to damage so far, a survey says (Source: Apple)

iPhones may be cool, but considering we carry them everywhere with us they're frighteningly delicate - and a new report suggests the iPhone 5 is the most vulnerable of all the models, with 47.8 per cent of insurance claims made for the phone related to some kind of damage.

According to the study, just over 10 per cent of iPhone 5 insurance claims are made for liquid damage, while 6.3 per cent are made for breakdowns outside the manufacturer's warranty, and 13.5 per cent are made for theft.

The figures, by YouGov and insurer Protect Your Bubble, found the iPhone 4S has been the most robust model so far, with just 37.9 per cent of claims for damage. Perhaps that's what also made it the model most coveted by rogues - 14.9 per cent of claims for the 4S were theft-related.

Given how flimsy they are, it's hardly surprising that top of 44 per cent of users' wishlist for the iPhone 6 - expected to be launched next week - is an unbreakable screen. Another 39 per cent want a "more robustly designed handset".

They could be in luck: in February, Apple filed a patent for a "self-healing" screen, which would effectively render the iPhone unscratchable. It's not, obviously, invulnerable - but it's close.

Or they could always switch to Samsung, which has already invented the bendable screen. Watch below for a demo (the good bit's at 0:10)

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