Twitter paying out $140 to people who report bugs

Sarah Spickernell
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44 hackers have already been thanked under the program (Source: Getty)
Micro-blogging service Twitter has launched HackerOne - a program that will pay at least $140 to security researchers every time they report a bug or vulnerability in their system.
The purpose, Twitter says, is “to recognize their efforts and the important role they play in keeping Twitter safe for everyone."
The rewards will be given out as cash, with the amount depending on the seriousness of the bug or vulnerability reported. Twitter has not set a maximum for the size of reward that can be given.
On the HackerOne website it says that so far, 46 bugs have been fixed and 44 hackers have been thanked under the program. Successful hackers are featured in a hall of fame.
What makes you eligible?
In order for a researcher to be eligible for a reward, they must not reveal details of the bug until Twitter has dealt with it. The offer is also not open to residents of countries where paying hackers is illegal. These include North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Syria and Sudan.

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