Super skinny North London house goes on to auction with a £235,000 price tag

Emma Haslett
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The house is only seven feet wide, but comes with a £235,000 price tag (Source: McHugh & Co)

It may seem like a home for the super-svelte, but you'll need a fat wallet if you want to buy this seven-foot wide home near Turnpike Lane station in North London - it's being put up for auction with a guide price of £235,000.

Here's the skinny: the two-storey, two-bedroom home on St Anns Road in Turnpike Lane has one bathroom and comes complete with a roof terrace - and could net you £1,300 a month in rent, its current owner said.

The total home measures in at 83 inches wide, and floor space stands at 409 sq ft, or 38 square metres.

The Evening Standard reported the owner's friends "said I was mad to buy it".

The house was built in 1996 in a driveway between the neighbouring homes and had been rented out until a property developer bought it three months ago for an undisclosed sum.

For those interested in life at the thin end of the wedge, the house will be auctioned by McHugh & Co at BAFTA on Piccadilly on October 1. Hoarders need not apply...

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