Premier League net spend: Which club makes the most money?

Premier League net spend reached a record £438m this summer
The Premier League’s net spend of £438m in this summer’s transfer window is a new record, as clubs splashed the cash like never before.
In total clubs spent a massive £889m on new players and earned £451m through player sales.
Manchester United topped the spending charts, shelling out £169m on new signings, while it was Southampton who earned more money than anyone else - raising over £100m through player sales.
Our interactive graph below shows that the Red Devils recorded the biggest net spend in the league while Saints recorded the biggest net profit.
Explore all the data in our graph which contains the net spend over the last five seasons for all 20 of the current Premier League clubs.
Drag the left hand left-hand ticker marked "Season" in order to see specific seasons over the last five years, and use the drop down menu marked "Club" on the right hand side of the graph to filter your view to specific clubs.

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