Google is the media brand you love to hate most

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Google - we love it and hate it in equal measure
The media is full of celebs, politicians and high profile figures we love to hate – and it is no different in the media industry, with that highest of profile brand Google being ranked as most loved and disliked in a recent survey.
The tech giant topped a poll of nearly 800 media professionals, beating the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and BBC World News – not to mention its own subsidiary YouTube – to be crowned both most and least liked media brand.

Google was the most and least liked media brand, according to BSB/Vision Network/IAA

Google has been at the centre of numerous controversies this year, ranging from tax avoidance to the introduction of its "right to be forgotten" clause, not forgetting being caught up in the National Security Agency (NSA) scandal around intercepted communications. According to the study, it's not always the best company to deal with from a client perspective either. But it is undeniably one of most valuable media resources of the 21st century.
The study, compiled by BSB Media and The Vision Network in conjunction with the International Advertising Association (IAA), found advertisers had the strongest feelings – both positive and negative – towards Google. Facebook elicted the strongest reaction among agencies.
Will Nicholson, Founding Director at The Vision Network, said:
The likes of Google and Facebook offer connections with consumers that other media brands aren't currently able to replicate, so relationships continue, whether agencies and advertisers are 100 per cent happy or not.
Smaller brands such as mobile advertising platform Odyssey also performed well.
BBC World News received the highest rating for professionalism of the sales team and good customer service (49 per cent), followed closely by Google (48 per cent): it stood out among the digital providers, which averaged 35 per cent. The FT, Economist, CNN and Wall Street Journal all ranked higher than the average pure digital media brand.
Google, YouTube and Spotify were ranked highest for creativity and flexibility.
Viacom International Media Network, Fortune, Rovio, Tremor, Unanimis/Orange and Yume were not selected by anyone as the media brand people most or least liked working with.

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