Uni Baggage's luxury travel service rescues wealthy students from transport woe

City A.M. Reporter
Britain’s well-heeled students are being offered luxurious transport to start university
The young plutocrats, Britain’s last persecuted minority, can find life at university hard – set upon by lefty lecturers, student unions and worst of all, their state-schooled peers.
Not only are the children of the UK’s elite forced to share quarters with young people who may have only accessed their places through merit – they were also forced to travel to university in the same dreary fashion. Until yesterday.
The launch of the Very Important Fresher service by a firm called Uni Baggage is a breath of fresh air for hard-done-by wealthy students, who will be able to travel to university in style – by plane or helicopter, for just tens of thousands of pounds.
The opulent services lead to suggestions that it might be a stunt. Indeed, any loaded undergraduates who went to stump up for their service for most of yesterday would have found themselves redirected to the homepage.
The “pay” button started working later in the day, after an enquiry by City A.M. – but the prices remained very high. According to Uni Baggage, transport from Edinburgh to Exeter in a Ferrari F430 would run to £15,000. But according to Northern Ferrari Hire’s rough guidelines, hiring the same model for a short weekend would set a young scholar back just £1,195.
Whether Uni Baggage really sees the offering as a major line of business or a useful advert for its existing services (moving students’ bags for a low fee between home and university), the launch was brilliant advertising, which even managed to provoke a po-faced rebuke from the National Union of Students. Bravo.

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