Dan Wagner gets his post Daffy-gate ducks in a row with ATTRAQT IPO

Gabriella Griffith
Dan Wagner to take ATTRAQT public this month
Dan Wagner must really hate Daffy Duck. His decision to wear a waistcoat decorated with the cartoon character, to a media call before his last IPO 20 years ago, has haunted him ever since. But hopefully, when he takes tech firm ATTRAQT public on Aim on 19 August (his first IPO since Daffy-gate) he’ll be able to put it behind him.

“ATTRAQT is a relatively small firm with tremendous growth potential, it’s rare to see an early stage tech business float in the UK, so it’ll be interesting to see how investors evaluate it,” he tells The Capitalist.

Wagner’s relationship with City analysts has been called into question in the past but he’s keen to let us know he doesn’t have anything against them.

“It’s one of those myths. I’ve never had trouble with City analysts – I was controversial in those days and said some out-there things, but we had a normal relationship,” he tells us.

Onwards then, to Aim with ATTRAQT. Wagner also hopes to float Powa Technologies (“a different animal in terms of size and an ambitious global player”) in a couple of years.

And definitely no Daffy waistcoat. “It wouldn’t even fit me anymore anyway,” he quips.

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