Drinkers who offend will be forced to wear alcohol bracelets in four London boroughs

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Offenders found guilty of alcohol related offences could be compelled to wear a bracelet that monitors their alcohol consumption, under a new scheme being tested in four London boroughs.

The plans, which emanate from the London Mayor Boris Johnson, could see offenders wearing the tags for up to four months at a time, with 150 people expected to be forced to wear it under the year-long pilot scheme.

Courts in the boroughs of Croydon, Lambeth, Southwark and Sutton, will be able to hand down "alcohol abstinence and monitoring requirements" on those who commit crimes under the influence of alcohol.

The 'sobriety tags' measure the amount of alcohol in sweat and air emissions from the skin every 30 minutes. Furthermore, the wearer could face further penalties if they are found drinking.

Boris Johnson said: "Alcohol-fuelled criminal behaviour is a real scourge on our high streets, deterring law-abiding citizens from enjoying our great city, especially at night, placing massive strain on frontline services, whilst costing businesses and the taxpayer billions of pounds."

However, the controversial scheme has not been universally supported, with critics branding the measures as a step too far. A similar scheme was trialled in Scotland last year but was not adopted.

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