America and Europe unite with plan to punish Russia

Kate McCann
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GOVERNMENTS across Europe have joined forces with America in a bid to bring Russia’s President Putin to his knees in the wake of continued anger over the downing of flight MH17 in Ukraine.

Yesterday, the EU announced tough new sanctions designed to cripple Russia’s already struggling economy by putting the squeeze on financial operations and new energy exploration projects. Just hours later President Obama followed suit with his own package of measures, designed to show a united and unrelenting front against a defiant Putin, who the west accuses of arming separatists in Ukraine.

President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy was unequivocal in his support for the new measures yesterday, warning in a statement that the downing of flight MH17 and the loss of all those on board required an “urgent and determined” response.

“The package… is meant as a strong warning: illegal annexation of territory and deliberate destabilisation of a neighbouring sovereign country cannot be accepted in 21st century Europe,” Van Rompuy said.

In a press conference yesterday, Obama echoed Europe’s message, adding: “The United States means what it says and we will rally the international community in standing up for the rights and freedom of people around the world.”

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