Ed Miliband wants to let “public into politics” with open question time to quiz politicians

Kate McCann
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Ed Miliband: “What we need is a public question time.”
Labour leader Ed Miliband has promised to open up politics to the masses by holding a public question time style event each Wednesday if he wins the next general election.

In addition to Prime Minister’s Question Time, which takes place every Wednesday lunchtime when the Commons is sitting, Miliband has promised an open question session where voters can submit their concerns which will be selected and answered by the Prime Minister in the House of Commons.

The pledge comes in the wake of a key speech by Miliband last week, in which he sought to shrug off claims that voters think he’s weird.

“If you want the politician from central casting, it’s not me, it’s the other guy. If you want a politician who thinks that a good photo is the most important thing, then don't vote for me,” the Labour leader said.

Speaking about his plan to open up politics he added: “What we need is a public question time, where regularly the Prime Minister submits himself or herself to questioning from members of the public ... I want to let the public into our politics.”

A spokesman for David Cameron said the Prime Minister is “open to new ways of engaging with the public”, adding that he regularly hosts public question and answer sessions around the country, known as PM Direct events.

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