Inflation off the charts over in Battersea Park for charity sumo run

Gabriella Griffith
Smiling sumos taking part yesterday
Anyone living near Battersea who thought they heard the familiar rumble of thunder yesterday morning might have been surprised to hear it wasn’t another storm – but, rather, a troop of 90 Sumo wrestlers running a 5k race. Well, people in inflatable sumo suits.
The run, in aid of Link Community Development International, was run by a number of City high-flyers, including EY’s Fiona Chow who remained upbeat about the event, despite coming last.
“It was quite difficult – we did gain a lot of weight five minutes before it started,” she told The Capitalist.
The 5k charity dash started at 9.45am and unsurprisingly, the locals were curious as to what was going on. “We had so many people asking us to stop and take photos,” she added.
That’s a decent excuse for coming last, we suppose.

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