When the cat’s away... the staff will go off to lots of interviews

Gabriella Griffith
When the boss is on holiday, it's easier for employees to sneak out to interviews (Source: Getty Images)
It sometimes feels like the whole City shuts down in August as sunny silly season takes most people to warmer climes – ergo thinking of summer as a time to hire doesn’t seem plausible. But according to new research from Randstad, the reverse is true.

Why? Because it’s not hard for people to slip off to interviews when their bosses are in the south of France.

Eighty-seven per cent of candidates say they would look for a job in the summer and 72 per cent say it’s simple “chiefly because it’s so much easier to sneak out of the office for interviews.” Well, it’s potentially more lucrative than nipping out for an ice-cream.

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