Didcot demolition sees cooling towers disappear from Oxfordshire skyline after 40 years

Lynsey Barber
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Didcot cooling towers demolished (Source: Getty)

The giant cooling towers of didcot power station have disappeared from the Oxfordshire skyline after 42 years of service helping generate the UK’s power.

Three of the six 100 metre tall towers were demolished early this morning with the help of 180 kilograms of explosives, taking less than 10 seconds to vanish from the landscape.

The demolition was streamed live online as spectators were warned to stay away from the area due to the large dust cloud caused by the explosions, however many people still ventured out to witness the event.

Coleman Demolition, the company charged with safely flattening the towers shared a clip of the moment the towers fell.

The cooling towers have been out of use since last year when Didcot A power station was decommissioned. The last three towers and the chimney stack of Didcot A are also due to be demolished by 2016.

The coal-fired power station was put out of service as the energy firm which runs the station, RWE, moves away from coal and towards gas-fired power stations and renewable technologies.