Fast Forward: Can Chopin ease Jim Mellon’s road to new bestseller?

Gabriella Griffith
Jim Mellon's been writing in Ibizia
They say there’s a book in everyone, but thinking about how to squeeze one out is a bridge too far for most of us. With four books under his belt, millionaire investor Jim Mellon has his book-writing strategy down pat. He takes himself off to his Ibiza-retreat and sits outside his local cafe, sipping rose and listening to Chopin. Or so he tells us, as he puts the finishing touches to his latest book, FAST FORWARD.
“Today, I’ve been joined by my long-standing co-author Al Chalabi. He and I write half of each book, then combine, and come up with the ideas when we are sipping rose in Ibiza,” Mellon told The Capitalist. Sounds de­lightful.
The new book, due out in September, is all about in­vesting in new technologies – covering space travel, driverless cars and the internet of things. But what does the investor make of driverless cars? “No one will need a licence, you can drink and not drive, you don’t need chauffeurs or taxi drivers and accident rates will fall. Brilliant!”
As for how Mellon manages to get any work done with the world’s greatest clubs on the island – we guess he’s based far away from Pasha et al. “It keeps me from mis­chief being here – no nightclubs, late nights or bars.” Just wait until you’ve got a driverless car, Jim – mischief is never far away in Ibiza.

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