Silver for Barclays beach volleyball team as the City battles it out in the sunshine

Gabriella Griffith
Barclays takes on Fitch Ratings as the sun beats down in Canary Wharf
What better time to enjoy a corporate volleyball mash-up than the hottest day of the year?
Friday saw teams from the likes of Barclays, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Linklaters and Fitch Ratings go up against each other on Action for Kids’ beach volleyball courts but victory was saved for the returning champions Reebok Gym, which beat Barclays in the final.
McGraw Hill Capital came in third place.
“Best Friday ever,” beamed Linklaters’ captain Stuart Fisk. With thousands of pounds raised for charity who could argue with that?

Where's Volley shake hands with Logikal
Where's Volley (a mix of Barclays and Simmons & Simmons) shake hands with Logikal

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