Heatwave hits London: Here's how the City's soaking up the sun

Lynsey Barber
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Ice cream all round as City swelters (Source: Bea Piesold)

London is set for a scorcher today with temperatures expected to hit a sweltering 30C so grab a pair of sunnies and head outside if you can handle the heat.

City workers look like they're mainly cooling down with a classic Mr Whippy topped with a 99 flake from a well placed ice cream van (cheaper than forking out £4 for Uber to deliver one).

Sun-soaked lunch spots are going to be at a premium so take inspiration from German holiday-makers and stake your claim early like these lot.

Shirt sleeves rolled and collars loosened

Short envy

Like being at the beach, but not quite

Temperatures are expected to hit 30C today

Uber satisfied demand by offering ice cream to hot City workers

A classic Mr Whippy is the perfect way to cool down

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