Conservatives toughen up strike laws to weaken unions’ powers

Kate McCann
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DAVID Cameron has promised new measures to block strikes that don’t have the support of at least 50 per cent of the workforce.

The Prime Minister has announced a manifesto pledge to toughen up strike laws if the Conservatives are elected in 2015. The plans, which are likely to anger trade unions, will force union leaders to meet a 50 per cent turnout rate for strike action and achieve a further majority for action, effectively creating a double majority lock. The party will also reform picket rules to make illegal picketing a criminal offence and limit the amount of time within which a union can call a strike to three months.

Senior Tories hope the tough new measures will put an end to strike action which is driven largely by a small core of union members at the heart of the organisation. Business minister Matt Hancock said businesses and commuters should not have to put up with “disruptive and unnecessary strikes”.

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