Have Cameron and Juncker buried the hatchet? Not if this high five fail is anything to go by

Nassos Stylianou
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(Source: European Commission Audiovisual Services)

They tried to put their differences behind them - David Cameron insisted they could work together after saying rather uncomplementary things about him.

But the photo doing the rounds of new European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and the Prime Minister failing spectacularly at a high five this morning seems to suggest otherwise.

The awkward encounter came as the two men held one-on-one talks in Brussels today following last night's marathon summit during which European leaders failed to agree on who should fill the EU's top jobs.

A spectacular high-five fail between Cameron and Juncker (Source: European Commission)

They did in the end manage to get it right, but Cameron certainly did not receive the warm embrace reserved for other European leaders and even in the official press photographs after the meeting the atmosphere did not seem all that relaxed.

The British Prime Minister has repeatedly voiced his opposition to the appointment of Juncker, who Cameron considers to be an arch federalist "Brussels insider" and not the fresh faced reformer that the EU needs, warning his counterparts that they would "live to regret" their choice.

Cameron argued against the selection of the former Luxembourg Prime Minister and EU veteran right until the bitter end, even taking the question to an unprecedented council vote in which only the UK and Hungary voted against, but since then has softened his stance.

Writing in The Telegraph last weekend, the Tory party leader said that he had phoned Juncker to congratulate him and did not wish to personalise the appointment.

Judging by the photos, Juncker may need some more time before granting Cameron forgiveness.

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