Finishing positions spread betting

Betting on golf can be an immensely frustrating experience for punters. You may have backed three players in the outright market before the Open and after poor first rounds from all three you know you are cooked.

It therefore pays to have a more long-term bet and one of the best of these is trading finishing positions. This market allows you to bet on where every player will finish from first place to missing the cut (70th).

When Tiger Woods was in his pomp his finishing position quote might have been something like 13-16, meaning you could make 13 times your stake if you had sold and he won the tournament.

However, with this year’s Open a much more competitive affair, Sporting Index’s two favourites, Justin Rose and Adam Scott, are quoted at 25-28.

The beauty of a finishing positions bet is that there is an insurance policy if your player misses the cut. There will be 156 players hitting the Royal Liverpool fairways this week, but if you have sold a player at, say, 50 you know that the maximum make-up is only 70.

A good strategy to adopt is to sell players’ finishing positions who are traditionally quick starters.

Both Zach Johnson and Brandt Snedeker have done well in the opening rounds of the British Major recently and by selling their finishing positions at 39 and 40 respectively you can then look to trade out after the first or second round to secure a profit.