GlaxoSmithKline China bribery claims: British man charged

Billy Ehrenberg
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Peter Humphrey and his wife were arrested in August 2013 (Source: CCTV News)

A British corporate investigator and his wife have been formally charged by Chinese authorities with illegally obtaining private information, in a case linked to the GlazoSmithKline (GSK) bribery claims.

Peter Humphrey and his wife Yu Ying Zeng, an American citizen, were arrested in August 2013 over claims they "illegally trafficked a huge amount of personal information on Chinese citizens."

Mr Humphrey's company, ChinaWhys, was hired by GSK "to conduct an investigation following a serious breach of privacy and security related to the company's China general manager," according to a GSK statement released on 3 July.

GlaxoSmithKline is in the middle of a highly contentious case involving the alleged systematic bribing of doctors to ensure the use of GSK products.

The case was further complicated by a sex tape, purportedly of GSK China general manager Mark Reilly, who said the tape was filmed without his knowledge.

The tape was subsequently sent to the group's chief executive, Andrew Witty, accompanied by an email outlining allegations of systematic corruption in GSK's Chinese arm.

Mr Reilly and at least two other GSK China executives are currently under investigation by the Chinese authorities.

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