World's tallest residential building to be built in Manhattan

Billy Ehrenberg
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The Nordstrom tower will be higher than the Freedom Tower (pictured) if spires are not included (Source: Getty)

Manhattan is set to play home to the world's largest residential building according to plans leaked to Yimby, a New York publication.

In fact, depending on how you measure it, the new building may be higher than the newly-erected One World Trade Centre.

The structure will tower 541 metres above New York, just 0.3 metres shorter than One World Trade when spires are included. Lop off the spire however and the Nordstrom Tower will be 24 metres higher.

The spireless height will make Nordstrom the highest residential building on the planet, higher than buildings such as Dubai's Princess Tower (424 metres), Mumbai's One World Tower (442 metres) and 432 Park Avenue in Manhattan (426 metres).

One World Trade, or the Freedom Tower as it is often known, was built in the wake of the 11 September 2001 attacks and has been designed to reach the symbolic height of 1,776 feet to mark the year of American independence.

The Nordstrom Tower is provisionally expected to be finished in 2018, but plans are currently subject to change before completion.

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