For the price of a two bed London flat you can buy an Orkney island

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Littlequoy costs the same amount as a London flat (Source: Savills)
Have you studiously saved £600,000 for a flat in London? You could always spend it on this private Orkney island and coastal farm instead.
The Orkney islands are located about 20 miles to the north of the Scottish mainland, and the island of Littlequouy in Burray, which Savills has put on the market for £600,000, costs the same amount as a two bedroom flat in Highgate or a five bedroom spread in Forest Hill.
Yet it boasts 422 acres of land, 4.2 miles of coastline to wander around, and a five bedroom farmhouse with a workshop.
There are also five derelict cottages ready to be done up, and for those who enjoy agricultural pursuits there are sheep handling pens and two livestock sheds.
You won't be lonely, either: the island is home to gull and tern colonies, shell ducks, hen harriers and Arctic skua. Puffins and seals have also been known to make an occasional appearance upon its shores.

Welcome to Littlequoy (Source: Savills)

Derelict cottages ready to be done up (Source: Savills)

The farmhouse has five bedrooms (Source: Savills)

Littlequoy boasts a coastline of 4.2 miles (Source: Savills)

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