In photos: Country house prices are still below their 2007 peak. Which will you choose?

Billy Ehrenberg
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Prime country property is yet to reach its 2007 peaks (Source: Knight Frank)

As we reported yesterday, Knight Frank, a real estate consultancy company, has collected data showing that country house prices are on the rise across the country.

What the report also shows is that prime country house prices are yet to reach their 2007 peak, unlike the average property price across England and Wales.

Here's a graph from yesterday's article, showing how prime country houses compare to prime London property and prices in England and Wales generally.

So country houses represent something tenuously resembling a bargain in today's market. But what kind of properties are on the market? From a £375,000 cottage to a £27-30,000,000 estate, Knight Frank had some ideas.

Country house
Abbotswood Estate, Gloucester, £30,000,000 (Source: Knight Frank)

Country cottage
Farleigh Cottage, Somerset, £1,750,000 (Source: Knight Frank)

Country house
Cold Ashton Manor, Gloucester, £4,000,000 (Source: Knight Frank)

country cottage
Corner Cottage, Gloucester, £375,000 (Source: Knight Frank)

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