Barclaycard boss David Chan enjoys a very different kind of board meeting

Gabriella Griffith
Grand chessmaster David Howell is blindfolded for his match against David Chan
Coming up against a chess grandmaster must have been pretty nerve-wracking for Barclaycard Europe’s chief exec David Chan – lucky for him, however, he was allowed to blindfold the chess genius first.

The bizarre match took place in the Houses of Parliament earlier this week in celebration of the Yes2Chess championship, an initiative developed by Barclaycard to encourage more kids to start playing the challenging board game.

Despite the obvious handicap of grandmaster David Howell, Chan could only muster a draw, due to time constraints, apparently.

But The Capitalist hears they are keen for a re-match (and that Chan joked he wants Howell to wear earplugs too next time). Well, if he doesn’t win that one…

■ Any City spinners leafing through the pink pages yesterday may have received something of a surprise to find that, lo and behold, RLM Finsbury’s Roland Rudd had been elevated to Sir Roland overnight. With Rudd’s peer Sir Alan Parker of rival PR firm Brunswick just settling into his knighthood, the idea that Finsbury’s figurehead had joined the club wouldn’t be outside the realms of possibility – the impromptu knighthood, however, was more of a slip of the pen than a tardy addition to the Queen’s birthday honours list.

■ Duncan Bannatyne may well have said “I’m out,” more times than The Capitalist has had hot dinners, but on this occasion he’s said it to the producers of Dragons’ Den instead of some plucky entrepreneurs. The 65-year-old health club boss has announced the next series will be his last – leaving poor old Peter Jones as the only original Dragon still standing… or sitting, cross-legged, more to the point.

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