Two new polls give Labour a seven point lead

Kate McCann
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Two new polls have given Labour a strong seven point lead with just ten months to go before the general election in May.

Polls from both Lord Ashcroft and Populus show Labour on 34 per cent and 38 per cent respectively, with the Conservatives behind on 27 and 31 per cent. The new surveys are in contrast to Lord Ashcroft’s last week, which showed the Tories enjoying a two point lead over Labour in the wake of David Cameron’s tough stance on Jean-Claude Juncker’s appointment in Europe.

Writing on his blog about yesterday’s poll, Ashcroft said the Juncker effect had been “short-lived”, adding: “David Cameron was the most highly rated leader among voters as a whole, swing voters and (of the established parties) his own supporters.

“He was also the only leader rated more highly than his party. Ed Miliband remains the only party or leader to receive lower ratings among swing voters than among the electorate as a whole,” he added.

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