Justin King has his final party at Sainsbury’s


Justin King is leaving Sainsbury's after 10 years

Some might think it’s odd to listen to “White Christmas” and eat Brussels sprouts on the hottest day of the year, but certainly not Sainsbury’s staff. “It’s the third time we’ve had our Christmas review on the hottest day of the year – it’s something of a hat-trick,” chief Justin King told The Capitalist at Somerset House. The review was also King’s official leaving do, after 10 years at the helm. “People keep asking how I feel, but I’ve been preparing this for a long time so it’s natural,” he said, revealing that he’s already started packing his office. “I’ve been finding all sorts of stuff… I even found a tape recording of John Sainsbury’s retirement speech.” King insists his own leaving speech is a long way off, though speculation about what he’ll do next has kept everyone on their toes (he says he still doesn’t have a job). The idea of him becoming F1 boss came up more than once last night, but the retailer’s winemaker Ryan Carter has a better theory. “The only viable job that’s opened up since Justin announced his stepping down is Bruce Forsyth’s on Strictly Come Dancing,” he whispered. Claudia Winkleman had better watch her back…