Sir Richard Branson mouths off over being forced to wear a tie

Gabriella Griffith
Sir Richard and Sir Alex Ferguson wearing their dreaded ties at Wimbledon (Source: Getty)
You’d imagine being a billionaire would mean never having to do something you really don’t want to do. If you don’t want to eat your greens, consider them gone. If you really dislike pairing socks, there’s someone else can do that for you.
But it seems the UK’s favourite billionaire Sir Richard Branson has had to capitulate on one of his life-rules this week - wearing ties.
“As my bio says, I loathe ties, and encourage everyone to say bye to them at every opportunity. I often carry scissors, just in case an opportunity arises to cut off somebody’s tie,” he writes in his blog.
“Wimbledon is a place renowned for its traditions, and one of these is that ties must be worn in the Royal Box. Last time I went to Wimbledon I took my mum and was caught out by the ridiculous tie rule. I had to borrow one at the last minute or they wouldn’t let me in.”
"This time I went along with my daughter Holly, and was prepared for the occasion. As you can see from the photo (inset), I don’t look too happy about having to wear the tie, and Sir Alex Ferguson is equally unimpressed!"
Well, at least no-one can boss you around on your own damn island.
“I’ll be watching the rest of the tournament (tie-free!) back on Necker,” he added.
As for who Sir Richard is rooting for now Murray is out - the entrepreneur is going for Djokovic.

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