Scottish independence: You can be patriotic and vote no - David Cameron

Kate McCann
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David Cameron will make the case for the “silent majority”
Prime Minister David Cameron will travel to Scotland today, where he is set to deliver a speech calling on even the most patriotic Scots to vote no in the looming referendum.

Cameron will make the case for the “silent majority” who want to remain part of the UK. The speech comes as polls charting which side of the debate will come out top in the Scottish referendum vote in September continue to narrow.

“Too many people in this country have been made to feel that you can’t be a proud Scot and say No Thanks. You’ve got to choose between the Saltire and the Union flag. That is wrong. Loving your country means wanting the best for it – and for Scotland that is staying in the UK,” Cameron is expected to say.

The speech forms part of a visit Cameron is making with defence secretary Philip Hammond, which will also see the pair attend the launch of aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth in Rosyth.

Blair Jenkins, chief executive of Yes Scotland, said yesterday: “David Cameron is seriously out of touch if he thinks there is a silent majority in Scotland in favour of the Tories and their austerity agenda.”

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